• One NW Third Street,
  • Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55744
  • 218-326-6619
  • 1-800-472-6366
  • One NW Third Street,
  • Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55744
  • 218-326-6619
  • 1-800-472-6366

Chamber: About Us


The Grand Rapids Area Chamber is the one organization that brings together the collective voice of businesses of all types throughout our region. No other business association does so much to build the healthy businesses and healthy communities that are critical to the preservation of our quality of life in northern Minnesota.

The Chamber’s success is tied directly to the financial support of its members. With your investment, the Chamber is able to continue providing services, pursuing efforts to strengthen our economy, and enhancing our business environment. You can be proud that you are a member because:

  • The Chamber is your full time government affairs team so you can devote your time and energy to running your business.
  • The Chamber protects your interests by representing you locally, state-wide and nationally on issues that affect your bottom line.
  • The Chamber works with educators on workforce development initiatives to provide you with quality workers.
  • The Chamber represents you on transportation issues in order to move goods and people more efficiently, and reduce costs and business interruptions.
  • The Chamber works to ensure that there will always be recreational and industrial lands open to the public for tourism and jobs.
  • The Chamber connects you with other business leaders through first class events and its association with the Minnesota Chamber.
  • The Chamber continually pushes to streamline Minnesota’s permitting process in order to increase economic development and business opportunities.
  • The Chamber advocates for your business, everyday!

The Chamber’s Mission is:

“To advocate for a business environment in which our members can prosper.”

The Chamber’s outcomes are:

“Building Healthy Businesses and Healthy Communities”

The Chamber’s objective, each and every day:

To ensure that your business has the best possible opportunity to succeed. The Grand Rapids Area Chamber has more than 100 years of history, advocating for its mission. Each and every one of the Chamber’s more than 480 members strengthens its efforts on behalf of your business and your employees.

For information about how you can become a part of this great organization, contact the Chamber’s Membership & Tourism Coordinator, Kerry Larsen at 218-326-6619 or at kerry@grandmn.com