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  • One NW Third Street,
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  • 218-326-6619
  • 1-800-472-6366

Chamber: Public Policies

The Grand Rapids Area Chamber has formal policies on the following issues as of December 1, 2017:

Opposing the MPCA’s proposed wild rice sulfate rule

Supporting regulatory relief from the 2010 DODD-FRANK Act

Supporting the City of Grand Rapids Arts and Culture Commission

Supporting the reduction of operating cost for Northeastern Minnesota industries who are energy intensive and globally trade exposed

Supporting Minnesota’s Mining Industry

Supporting the PolyMet Mining Project

Supporting the Enbridge Sandpiper Pipe Line Project

Supporting an ordinance regulating Synthetic Drug Establishments and the sale of synthetic drugs

Supporting the Reif Center’s bonding request

Supporting Minnesota Power’s environmental up-grades

Supporting commercial bus service on the Range

Supporting Minnesota Towards Zero Deaths Program

Supporting increased efficiency – US Postal Service

Supporting adequate revenue to support the MN DNR fish and game department

Supporting wellness in the workplace

Supporting certificates of origin for Chamber members

Supporting Hunting Works for Minnesota

Supporting Magnetation Mining

Supporting rural high speed internet broad band service

Supporting the Minnesota State College Grant Program

Opposition to redirecting Payment In Leiu of Taxes (PILT) monies by government officials or legislators

Opposing additional federal performance fees on sound recordings on local radio stations

Opposing project labor agreements on Itasca County projects

Opposing geographical restrictions for state government meetings

Supporting zoning changes that allow resorts to expand into previously non-permitted areas

Supporting after Labor Day school start dates

Opposing Itasca County conditional use permits targeted at resorts

Opposing additional credit requirements for High School graduation

Opposing Moratoriums on planned unit developments and minor or major sub-divisions

Supporting school finance and accountability

Supporting the completion of the four lane Highway 169 East corridor

Supporting a 2007 state and federal gas tax increase

Supporting PolyMet Mining

Support Minnesota Powers initiative to add new pollution control equipment at The Boswell Energy Center in Cohasset, Minnesota

Supporting odd year local elections

Supporting changing the language in the proposed 2006 Motor Vehicle Sales Tax Amendment

Supporting the Forest Legacy Partnership and Conservation Easements

Supporting UPM Blandin Paper Company

Supporting Minnesota Steel Industries, LLC (ESSAR)

Supporting the Mesaba Energy Project as a clean coal initiative

Supporting equal regulation of telecommunications services

Supporting the 2005 MN Chamber Minnesota Moves Program

Supporting an Itasca County Wide Lodging Tax

Opposing an increase in the Taconite Production Tax

Supporting the right to practice agriculture

Supporting the right to practice forestry

Supporting the Blue Water Tax Bill

Supporting the 2003 City of Grand Rapids Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Supporting Job Opportunity Building Zones (JOBZ)

Supporting reductions of transportation costs for businesses

Supporting the taconite industry

Supporting an increase in truck weight limits

Supporting a MN state wide smoking ban in restaurants and bars

Supporting healthy forest management policies

Supporting Taconite Tax Reduction

Supporting the 2002 Rapids Power Project

Opposing the US Forest Service Roadless areas rules

Supporting the use of metal studs on non-paved snowmobile trails

These policies may be viewed in their entirety at the Chamber offices.